30 Days and Counting!

It’s hard to believe but opening day at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is just 30 days away! That’s right. The official opening day is Monday, Sept. 10. Papa and the family have been diligent in making the ‘to do’ lists to be sure we are ready for visitors like you.

Yesterday included a check on the fields. There are hundreds of baby bear pumpkins, mostly a dark green at this point in their growing. And then, when Papa was checking on some of the plants: what did he discover? YES! Some of the pumpkins are starting to turn orange! They aren’t ready to pick yet, nor should they be. The fact that they’re turning means they’ve got the right idea and they will be ready to harvest in a few weeks. Just like Papa planned it!

Another discovery in the field was the speckled swans. This is a unique variety of gourd that our guests just love because they have such unique shapes and color patterns. There are about a gazillion white flowers in the patch where the speckled swans are located; it’s a bit late for them to set and grow by pumpkin patch time but those that are on their way will be ready by mid-September.

The rain today is perfect for the pumpkins, the speckled swans, the corn in the corn maze, and all of the yards at Papa’s. Things have been a bit dry and you could see the stress in curled and yellowing leaves. Papa went for a short walk this morning and he could practically hear the fields singing with joy. Happy, happy they are.

This week is exciting for everyone at Papa’s — we’ve been asked to participate in the United Day of Caring with the local Missouri Slope United Way. We expect around 50 volunteers from Touchstone Energy cooperatives, the Bismarck High School Demonettes, Eide Bailly and Aetna. These folks will be a tremendous help in finishing clean up and major preparations for hosting Papa’s Pumpkin Patch back home in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Better get back to the ‘to do’ list. After all, we’re 30 days and counting!

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  1. tfinneman says:

    Peggy, hello! Thank you for your offer. If you’d like to come out and help on Saturday, Oct. 6, that would be great. As the date gets closer, shoot us a note about what times you’re available and how you might like to help. Thanks again!

  2. Peggy Wollmuth says:

    if there is a need for volunteering yet for a day you’re open say, I can volunteer. I’m down for AFSP’s annual walk, Oct.6th, if you’d want some time in the PM? otherwise, I can call down first days you are open and see if you’d want to assign a day for me!

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