United Day of Caring Volunteers ROCK!

WOW. The work the United Day of Caring volunteers did in one day is amazing. About 80 new friends of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch made a huge difference in the amount of work needed to ready the pumpkin patch for opening day on Sept. 10.

Papa is grateful to the Touchstone Energy cooperatives, the BHS Demonettes, Aetna and numerous other folks who joined in and got dirty. They painted, stained, sealed, cleared, built, created, constructed and designed some wonderful new additions to the Papa’s fall experience.

To each and every volunteer who helped as part of the United Day of Caring — Papa and the family salute you. Thank you!!!

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  1. basinelectric says:

    Reblogged this on Basin Electric: The Flip Side and commented:
    The Papa’s Pumpkin Patch blog featured a nice post on our Day of Caring volunteers. Take a look!

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