Things to Do

Whether you want to sit a spell and enjoy nature, or burn off some extra energy, you’ll find opportunities all around you at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch! Most activities are free; some are only available on weekends and Thursday evenings. Be sure to check below to catch the details. Note: ticketed activities require a waiver, signed at the ticket booth upon your ticket purchase. You can review the waiver here.

FREE ACTIVITIES (all week, 12-7 pm): Infamous Bale Mazes, Slide Mountain, Touchstone Nature Trail, Log Jam, Great Pumpkin’s Chair, Corn Cribs, Billy Bob the Cornstalk Horse, Papa’sville (wooden play structures), How Tall This Fall?, Mr. Antique, Wee Zips, Swings and More Swings, Tire Climbing Pile, Super Sandbox, slack lines and rope tunnels, human foosball and more

FREE ACTIVITIES (Saturdays and Sundays — 12-6 pm; Thursdays — 5-7 pm): Pumpkin Cannon once every half hour.

ACTIVITIES WITH A SMALL FEE (Saturdays and Sundays 12-6 pm; Thursdays 5-7 pm): Horse-Drawn Hayrides ($2/person), Pony Rides ($5/person), Zip Lines ($2/zip), Sebastian’s Barrel Train ($1/person), Monster Wagon Rides ($1/person), Papa’s Pedal Carts ($2/ride), and Corn Cob Sling Shots ($1/3 cobs).

CONCESSIONS (all week, 12-7 pm): variety of hot and cold beverages, Papa’s famous pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pie and other munchies. Additional concessions open during activity days (Saturdays and Sundays 12-6 pm; Thursdays 5-7 pm)

JOJO’S GIFT STORE (12-7 pm daily): find a wonderful variety of fall-themed decor and the popular children’s book Every Pumpkin Is Perfect.


Infamous Bale Mazes: This is clearly the favorite at Papa’s! We use 700+ straw bales — each weighing 600 pounds — to create larger-than-life mazes that all ages enjoy. (Mon-Sun, free)

Corn Cribs: You’ll love Papa’s creative twist to the traditional sand box. The Corn Cribs are just like a giant sandbox, except they are filled with corn kernels almost two feet deep! (Mon-Sun, free)

Slide Mountain: Imagine slides of varying sizes and shapes placed atop a small IMG_5357mountain of bales. We’re not sure what’s more fun — watching parents on different levels of bales helping children to the top of the next slide, OR the shouts of glee as kids ride to the bottom and yell, “again!” (Mon-Sun, free)

Log Jam: Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is located amidst an old cottonwood forest. As the giant trees age and topple to the ground, Papa has gathered some of them in a log jam where you can test your balance, climb from here to there and stand tall for a look over the pumpkin patch. (Mon-Sun, free)

Touchstone Nature Trail: This 15-minute hike through the Missouri River lowlands is filled with trees, shrubs and a wide variety of grasses native to the area. In addition, you’ll find logs to climb, bridges to cross, swings to swing upon and even a slack line. (Mon-Sun, free)

How Tall This Fall? This essential photo opportunity was the idea of one of Papa’s guests, and we think it’s great! (Mon-Sun, free)

Great Pumpkin’s Chair: When was the last time you had to use a ladder to climb into your chair? The Great Pumpkin’s Chair is nearly 15′ tall, and half the fun is the climb it takes to get in position for another unique photo opp at Papa’s. (Mon-Sun, free)

Papa’sville: Plan to catch up with friends here; your children won’t want to leave the wooden play structures that make up Papa’sville. They’ll discover a 5-car train, truck and hay wagon, tractor, combine, grain truck, silo slide, an old timer’s car with a rumble seat, and a gas pump and air hose to service their vehicles. It’s good, ‘ole-fashioned fun and reminiscent of small town America. (Mon-Sun, free)

Mr. Antique: Nostalgic, that’s what Mr. Antique is. Mr. Antique pulls a 3-bottom plow, fascinating young and old alike with memories (or stories) of days gone by. (Mon-Sun, free)

little guy on wee zipWee Zips: Designed for the little ones, the Wee Zips are pint-sized zip lines where adults walk beside toddlers and small children while they glide along a cabled trolley. (Mon-Sun, free)

Billy Bob the Cornstalk Horse: He’s one-of-a-kind, and you’ll only find Billly Bob and his wagon at Papa’s. This is a ‘must do’ for family and group photos! (Mon-Sun, free)

Special O Trebuchet: Thanks to friends of Special Olympics, Papa has a medieval pumpkin launcher that slings pumpkins at targets across the field. Each Saturday and Sunday, and Thursday evenings, the pumpkin cannon and trebuchet compete for distance and accuracy. (Sat-Sun, 12-5 pm, Thurs, 5-7 pm, free)

Pumpkin Cannon: The local chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers built a cannon for Papa’s that shoots pumpkins (and other produce) several hundred feet. The engineers love to dial in their target and test their skills. And yes, they also love an audience! (Sat-Sun, 12-5 pm, Thurs, 5-7 pm, free)

Grandpa Al’s Horse-Drawn Hayrides: What better way to enjoy the country than a 15-minute ride across the prairie? Two gentle giants (draft horses) will take you along a leisurely route that winds through Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. (Sat-Sun, 12-6 pm, Thurs, 5-7 pm, $2/person)

Pony Rides: Little people just love Papa’s ponies! Four to five of the chubbiest, gentlest ponies you’ve ever met are ready to take children for their first (and probably not last) pony ride. (Sat-Sun, 12-6 pm, Thurs, 5-7 pm,  $5/rider)

jus zippin along loZip Lines: The zip lines at Papa’s are one of our guests’ favorites. They are a perfect chance to fly through the air and try something different. (Sat-Sun, 12-6 pm, Thurs, 5-7 pm, $2/zip) Please Note: Papa also offers Wee Zips for tiny tots and they are free.

Sebastian’s Train Ride: This half-barrel train is a perfect way for children under age 5 to chug around Papa’s in their individual cars. Riders take a 3-4 minute tour of the patch, and parents get some of the best photos of the day. (Sat-Sun, 12-6 pm, Thurs, 5-7 pm, $1/rider)

Monster Wagon Ride: These monster-sized, re-purposed wagons are the ideal way to tour Papa’s and learn about the magic that makes Papa’s so special. Passengers circle the entire pumpkin patch on the 12-15 minute narrated ride. (Sat-Sun, 12-6 pm, Thurs, 5-7 pm, $1/person)