Papa’s Pumpkin Patch began in 1983 as a “Happy Accident.”

We were asked to plant pumpkins for a friend who wanted them for a parade float. We planted a few pumpkin seeds, and it wasn’t a good season — too wet and too cool. Add to that, the parade was moved from October to September! We had hundreds of green pumpkins for the parade, not near enough orange for our friend’s request.

So, we invited local grade school teachers to bring their classes to the “Pumpkin Patch” a few weeks later when the pumpkins turned orange. We hauled some of them into the yard and decided it would be extra special if each child could take one home. Since then, we’ve grown from one class of 20 children to nearly 8,000 pre-school and elementary students visiting Papa’s Pumpkin Patch each season.

In 1989, we opened Papa’s to the public and today our season runs from mid-September to mid-October. This year will bring an estimated 25-30,000 pumpkins, gourds, decorative corn and related harvest items to our yard and around 70,000 people in the seven-week season.

In addition to the produce, more then 25 activities have been built and added for children of all ages to enjoy.

Over 60 partnerships with church youth groups, community non-profit organizations, neighbors and friends make it possible for all of us to celebrate the season.

Papa’s has become “one happy accident after another,” and, it’s all worth it to us!