KXMB Helps Papa Tell the Pumpkin Story

Monday, Sept. 10 was opening day for Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, and Jon Berg from KXMB TV reported live from the pumpkin patch, giving Papa an opportunity to share some of the “magic” behind this year’s season. Thanks KXMB for joining us at Papa’s! We’re open 12-7 pm daily.

Thanks KFYR for Previewing Papa’s 2012 Season

Papa welcomed several volunteers to the pumpkin patch on Saturday just before the season opens Sept. 10. The volunteers got a sneak peek at what the fall atractions will be. KFYR TV’s Michelle San Miguel and Henry Blake stopped by the take part in the excitement and even test out the Zoomin’ Zip Lines.

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Opens 1 Week from Today!

WOOT! WOOT! Papa’s Pumpkin Patch opens 1 week from today! That’s right. Monday, Sept. 10 at noon, Papa’s will be open for the season. This weekend, here’s a bit of what we’ve been doing to get ready: putting up flags and banners; getting Papa’sville in place; working on the corn maze (yes, Papa has a…

Let’s Go Swingin’!

Next to the season itself, this is one of Papa’s favorites times. He LUVS having friends and family over to test out the attractions and new additions to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. One of the new twists for the Zoomin’ Zip Lines is a swing seat instead of the overhead trolley. It looks like the swing…

Just 10 Days Left and Papa’s Got the Bales in Place!

Papa’s been busy this week building bale structures. There are more than 10 different play areas built out of bales this year at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch — the most ever! It seemed right to tell you about them when there’s only 10 days left before Papa’s opens for the season on Sept. 10. Ten different…