Papa’s Pulled Out the Jenga Blocks

It’s harvest time for small grains in North Dakota and that means Papa has pulled out his jenga blocks. Wondering why?

Because once farmers harvest their grain (if they aren’t grinding it up and laying it back on the fields), they usually bale the straw into 800-pound golden yellow bales that just happen to be the same proportions as jenga blocks. This wouldn’t matter to most folks but to Papa, it means he can start planning his bale mazes for Papa’s Pumpkin Patch long before the bales begin to arrive!

Each year, Papa uses 500 or more large square and round bales to create the infamous bale mazes for which he is known. In 2012, he’s thinking about a little people’s bale maze where parents can walk alongside their children; a labyrinth for running and jumping; and some form of “ant hill” with tunnels and turns inside a multi-layer of bales.

So what’s Papa picturing with the jenga blocks in the photo? It’s hard telling, but one things for sure — Papa’s always thinking bigger and better when it comes to his pumpkin patch! The bale mazes at Papa’s are open seven days a week from 12-7 pm, and they’re free to enjoy for all ages.

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  1. So cool! I never would have thought he did all that. It makes it way easier than trying to arrange heavy hay bales.

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