The Neighbors Stopped By Yesterday

deer and squirrelThe word “neighbor” takes on a new meaning when you live in the country. This time of year, several neighbors at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch stop by. Some days they stroll in the driveway; other times they scurry down from one of the big cottonwoods and pause for a nibble of fresh grass right outside the big windows in the log home at the center of Papa’s.

Yesterday morning they stayed a little longer. We call the squirrel on the left Sammy and the young deer on the right, Rudolph. Sammy and Rudolph often play in the yard, chasing here and there. More recently, even a few of the turkeys or an occasional pheasant joins the game.

These neighbors at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch don’t have a lot to say (in human) but they’re friendly enough. Papa and the family are happy to share the neighborhood with them!

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