Keepin’ Mrs. P Happy

Mrs. P on dixieHave you heard the phrase, “If momma ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy”? Well, it’s true at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch too, and this past weekend, it was clear what Papa needed to do. If he wanted to keep Mrs. P happy, he better fire up the Dixon lawnmower!

You see, there isn’t another place at Papa’s that makes her happier then sitting on her “Dixie” and keeping the yards neat and tidy. Each spring, we have discussion about the increased fees we will be “charged” for all of the upkeep, and each fall Papa’s Pumpkin Patch rolls around without one invoice for lawn services being submitted.

Mostly, she just talks big and tries to keep the family in order, at least that’s what Papa thinks. And as far as he’s concerned, if all he needs to do is keep Dixie running smoothly to keep Mrs. P happy, that’s a fair trade for the acres of lawn she mows all summer!

Take good care and enjoy your time outside this spring,



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