Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Opens Sept. 14!

welcome to our patchSummer seems a ways off, but Papa can’t help himself. The family has set the dates for the 2014 season, and we will open Sunday, Sept. 14 at noon!

Papa will plan to have the pumpkin patch open 12-7 pm daily through Saturday, Oct. 25. Already, he’s begun to look at locations for activities like the corn maze, bale castles and zip lines. And yes, there will be new things to do and explore this year. We aren’t letting any secrets out of the bag yet, but keep an eye open as we get into summer.

If you are interested in scheduling your class or group for a weekday visit, check out the details for doing so under Field Trips, Parties and Events on Papa’s website. If you’d like to know what’s available for your larger group or corporate event, you’ll find information there as well.

Enjoy Spring!




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