Flying Free and Grateful for It

flag in breeze at mortonMemorial Day. It’s a perfect day this year. Bright and sunny, slight breeze and comfortable temps. Papa just took a stroll around the patch and was struck by the peace and quiet. Yes, it’s a perfect day to remember.

One thing that comes quickly to mind is gratitude for the awesome space Papa and his family get to call home. Another is the small slice of heaven on earth we get to share with nature. There were at least six different birds chattering or singing as Papa took his walkabout.

Most importantly, Papa paused to watch the American flag flying free next to the big red barn at the center of the patch. There is no way to express the debt of gratitude the entire family has to every man and woman who has sacrificed their freedom to ensure ours.

Until we reach a place where gratitude can be adequately expressed, thank you will have to do. THANK YOU!


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