Papa’s Offering Group Rates for Polar Patch!

polar patch sign with frostyDoes it feel like Christmas is just around the corner to you, too? Papa’s not sure where December has gone but in 11 days, Papa’s Polar Patch will be here! That’s right. We plan to be open from Dec. 26 through Sunday, Jan. 5, noon to 5 pm daily.

Admission to Papa’s Polar Patch will be $5/person and that includes two free tickets you can use for old-fashioned sled rides, horse-drawn sleigh rides or for concessions in Papa’s warming house.

And here’s a cool deal: if you round up nine of your friends and family (so a total of 10 or more people in your group); call Papa’s ahead of time and book your group visit; then you will receive three free tickets with each admission of $5/person! To book your group, contact Mrs. P (Suzie) at or 701-258-8469. Think about it: if you are the “Johnson” group and you call ahead to visit Papa’s on Thursday, Dec. 26 at 1 pm, then when you and the rest of your Johnson group arrives, you will pay $50 ($5/person) for the entire group and get 30 FREE TICKETS!

We all know Mother Nature can be testy in the winter time so be sure you check Papa’s website or Facebook page before you leave for the polar patch. We will post our intentions to be open (or not) each day by 11 am. In general, the temperature needs to be above zero and the wind chill needs to be less than -15 degrees.

As a gentle reminder, dress in layers for cold weather. For sure wear a hat and gloves; guests at Papa’s tend to play hard!

See you soon,


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