Papa’s Is Closed Saturday, Oct. 12, BUT…

Mother Nature clearly has another picture of what fall in North Dakota should be this year. Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is closed today, Saturday, Oct. 12 due to her antics.

BUT… we also are preparing to take her on. If we get ready and you get ready, tomorrow will be a brand new day!

wet Papa'sHere’s the plan: we are pumping out the huge puddles, blocking off the super muddy areas of the parking lot and cleaning up from the high winds. You can see in the photo that even some of our bale towers tumbled yesterday.

What do you need to do? Get out the mud boots or snow boots, dig out the winter jackets, hats and gloves, and be ready to embrace whatever Mother Nature brings in the final days of the pumpkin season.

Truth be told — it’s not promising. Wet and cold is the theme for October, but then, we’re in North Dakota and we know how to handle this.

We’ll do our job today. You do yours. And we’ll see you tomorrow!!!


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