A Bounty of Color for Mrs. P

mrs. p with daisiesOne of the highlights of summer is all of the gorgeous flowers. They are everywhere — some by our choice and many by nature’s design. There is an amazing patch of flowers at Papa’s that our guests never get to see: it’s Mrs. P’s daisies along the front walk of the big log house at Papa’s. 

It’s as fine a crop of daisies as any you’ll see in Burleigh County, and they’ve been there for years. Right along the front side of the log home that sits smack dab in the middle of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. Even during the flood of 2011, those daisies were one of the bright spots in the midst of some pretty challenging times.

So why wouldn’t we share these daisies and their beauty with guests to Papa’s? It’s really quite simple. Mrs. P’s daisies are done blooming by the middle of August, and by early September when we open the patch, they are mostly a waist-high tangled mess of greenish, brownish stems.

Each fall, Mrs. P clips them back, and no  doubt, this is part of the reason why they return each spring, even taller and prouder than the year before. Since this is one of the few areas of the pumpkin patch that rivals the color of our fall festival, we thought we’d share a quick photo of Mrs. P and her daisies with you.

If you take a stroll along the front side of the log house when you visit Papa’s this fall, maybe you’ll see daisy seeds lying in the soil. Then you will know the daisies are going to return next spring along with Mother Nature’s bounty of color.

Take Good Care,


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