The Pumpkins Are Running! The Pumpkins Are Running!

One of the joys of being a pumpkin farmer is all of the firsts you encounter. For example, the first day you discover the pumpkin plants are cracking the earth and peeking their heads through the soil. Or the day when you see the first set of “true leaves” start to unfold on the baby plants.running pumpkins

Today, we experienced another first in the growth of our pumpkins this season: the plants started running. Yes, running. That’s when the vines begin to reach out across the rows — almost like spreading their arms and legs. It’s a time of rapid growth and with the wonderful moisture followed by loads of sunshine we’ve had…there are some happy, healthy pumpkin plants at Papa’s.

In fact, the pumpkins aren’t the only plants that are running. The watermelons took off this weekend, too. If you had a chance to try a sample of the amazing watermelon we had last season, then you remember just how good they are. They are a later season variety, and I’m planning to set up and offer watermelon slices to guests at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch this fall, again.

We’ve also got a nice crop of oats that started to head out over the Fourth of July. We harvest the field for small square straw bales that folks can use for fall displays outside their homes, and we even have guests who buy several to insulate dog kennels or use for feed for farm animals.

I decided to try my hand at sunflowers this year. Just a few rows and I’m not sure how we’ll use them. Right now, I’m considering it an experiment. If you seeJojo's gift store lo sunflowers in arrangements at JoJo’s Gift Store, or find them in bunches for sale, you’ll know the experiment worked. If not, well, maybe another year!

It’s about time to get back to pulling weeds. We may have pumpkins that are running; we’ve also got a fine crop of ragweed that are ready to chase after them!

Take Good Care,


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