Papa’s Pumpkins Are Peekin’ Through!

It’s true. We’ve felt more like the Pacific Northwest than North Dakota this spring. Lil Orange MonEven so, the pumpkins at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch are peeking through. The fellas in the photo are called Lil Orange Mons; think Pump-Ke-Mons except the speckles on the Lil Orange Mons will be yellow rather than white.

In addition to Lil Orange Mons, the corn for Papa’s Corn Maze is up and anxious to see the sunshine. It’s four to six inches tall, and we’re sure as soon as we have a week of summer sun, it will triple in height!

Last year, Broom Corn was a big hit for guests at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, and Papa’s broom corn is coming on strong in 2013. broom cornFolks loved picking up one or two bunches of broom corn stalks to add to fall displays and harvest arrangements in their homes. Papa’s got one bunch of multi-colored broom corn arranged in a heavy pottery vase that looks as beautiful in June as it did last October.

In case you don’t have our 2013 dates on your calendar, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will open Saturday, Sept. 14 at noon. We’ll be open through Saturday, Oct. 19 from 12-7 pm daily. If we get on the other side of our rainy season soon, we may be able to open earlier, and if that happens, we’ll be sure to let our friends know!

Take Good Care.

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