Thank You for a Wonderful 2012!

Amazing. That’s a good word to describe the 2012 pumpkin patch and polar patch barn scene thru leaves loseasons at Papa’s. More than 52,000 friends, families and guests joined us to celebrate the season this fall, and nearly 1,200 folks played in our winter wonderland this past weekend.

Blessed. That’s another good word to capture the emotion of being able to support 49 different charitable organizations because of your shared generosity with Papa and the family.

Grateful. Yes. Papa is grateful for your friendship, grateful that you share family traditions with us, and we are especially grateful as we close out 2012 for the precious memories shared with each of you. Seriously, where else can you see so much joy and hear so much laughter from so many? Just thinking about either Papa’s Pumpkin Patch or Papa’s Polar Patch brings a smile to my face. polar patch sign with frosty

Happy New Year! We look forward to 2013 and trust we will see you again. (In case you’re wondering, the planning for “what’s new” in 2013 will start over the next several weeks. We’ll be sure to ask for your opinions and maybe even give you some sneak peeks!)

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