The Snow Wins… At Least for Today!

Well everyone, sadly we are closed for the day. With the storms uncertainty we were hoping that it would miss us and we would be able to resume Papa’s as normal. After waking up this morning we quickly realized that wasn’t the case! So… now what? We are still asking ourselves the same questions but, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves! While we are still in what we call “orange season”, we are preparing to switch to “snow season” for just a few days!

Today the team at Papa’s will spend the day planning how the Polar Patch can make an early season debut, even for just a few days. As of now, here is what we are thinking – We will open 12-5 tomorrow HOWEVER, that will depend on how much extra snow we get, what the temperatures are and how hard the wind blows. Since the snow is so heavy, it is weighing on our trees and as always, the safety of our guests is our main concern. Tomorrow we will post what our plans are by 10am so stay tuned here for more information!

A very special seasonal annoucement coming later this afternoon…. πŸ™‚