*Special Announcement #2*

Alright folks! Are we ready for this one? It’s a biggy!

For the first time EVER Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will be selling FRESH CUT CHRISTMAS TREE’S! We had planned to make this the last announcement but given our current outside conditions we decided we would move them around a bit!

While our focus has and will continue to be pumpkins, we decided we would try something new this season and venture into the Christmas tree world! In the off season, we’ve been busy making stands so you can shop and pick out you tree before you buy it. Once you’ve picked the perfect one we will wrap it, give you a cleanup bag and send you on your way to decorate and make memories. As you’re shopping, your kids will be able to play as we plan to keep most of the fun play places that everyone knows and loves open and available!

Papa’s will offer Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, Fraser Fir, Korean Fir, Scotch Pine and White Pine ranging from 6′-9′. If you’re in need of a larger tree, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are able to get our hands on larger trees if needed!

We will open on Black Friday from 12-7pm. Once we get closer to Thanksgiving we will share all additional details with you.

Phew! That one has been a doozy to keep in! We really want to thank our community for the continued support that you always show, but especially this season. Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to us but as always, our brains are thinking and we’re trying to make snow into snowmen!