He Laid Down a $50 Bill

He laid down a $50 bill and then our volunteers understood.

You see, a couple came to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch this week, and the woman was clutching a teddy bear when they paid their admission. They were off with a wagon to take pictures, collect pumpkins and enjoy the fall weather.

A while later, the couple returned to the sales area. After paying for the produce in their wagon, the man laid down a $50 bill. He explained that he and his wife had chosen to spend the afternoon at Papa’s to commemorate a birthday that never happened. Their child passed away, and they wanted to provide unexpected joy for others.

Now our volunteers understood two things. First, why the woman held the teddy bear so close to her breast. And secondly, the goodness of people who continue to care for others even after experiencing deep hurt themselves. (P.S. to the young couple: your request has been honored, and your expression touched Papa’s guests, family and volunteers in ways you will never know. Thank you.)

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