Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Is Closed for the Season

Jo's small wagon loSUNDAY, OCTOBER 25: Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is closed for the 2015 season. It’s been an amazing fall, and we have you to thank. Papa and more than 600 volunteers welcomed a record number of guests and their families. The weather was near perfect, and we all had great fun playing outside, making memories.

In the coming days, we’ll share some highlights from the season and provide a list of the groups who will benefit from your generosity at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch.

Until then, continue to find the joy in your day!

Papa and the family

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  1. momof3lilmen says:

    Another great season!! We enjoyed our visit and were excited to bring our friends for their first visit too!! Again, we appreciate the pass I won from naming “Papa’s Pumpkin Popper”!! Can’t wait til next year!!

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