Saturday, Oct. 24: Last Day to Play and Pick Out Pumpkins!

last day of pumpkins - 1Saturday, Oct. 24 is the final day of the season at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. We are open 12-7 pm, and we hope you are able to stop by for one more play date or to pick out your pumpkins and squash.

We start the day with about 150 large orange pumpkins and a few hundred smaller sugar pumpkins, along with some snowball (small white) pumpkins, a few varieties of squash and some gourds. Our concessions will be open all day so you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, apple cider or maybe a slice of pizza or pumpkin pie. Cold beverages and snacks are also available.

last day of pumpkins2 - 1If you are mostly interested in play, then here’s what you’ll find on our final day of the season: all of the free places to wander and explore PLUS zip lines, Papa’s Pumpkin Popper, the pedal park, the monster wagon train, the barrel train, pony rides and horse-drawn hay rides. AND the pumpkin trebuchet and pumpkin cannon will take aim at targets every half hour from 12:30 pm – 5 pm.

It’s been another amazing fall, and Papa’s family is thankful to all of you who have visited us. We’ll know more in the coming weeks however we’re quite certain this is one of our best seasons ever. We look forward to the support we will be able to offer nearly 50 charities!

Take good care,

Papalist of Papa's charities 14 - 1


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