Thanks Weather Channel for the Shout Out!

Okay. It’s True. Papa feels a bit of pride when his pumpkin patch is held up by others as THE place to go in the fall. So the fact that the Weather Channel notes Papa’s Pumpkin Patch as the THE place to celebrate the season brings a smile to Papa’s face, no question about it!

Here’s the first paragraph of the article:

The arrival of fall is one of the most anticipated seasons each year, marking the start of cooler weather, and, of course, lots of fall activities, such as leaf peeping, wildlife watching, and fun festivals. Autumn is a time for harvests. Of course, the most famous ones are pumpkins and apples, and a multitude of places, such as Iowa’s Howell’s Pumpkin Patch in Iowa, North Dakota’s Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, or Washington’s Apple Creek Orchard, open their doors to let families come and pick their own.

Hope you enjoy the article, and we really hope you’re able to join us this fall!


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