Papa’s Is Open and Amazing: Sunday, Sept. 16

The forecast says 80 and sunny for Sunday, Sept. 16. Papa and the family of 150+ volunteers are ready to welcome you from 12-7 pm. Know what? It’s AMAZING this year! See you soon, Papa

Final Loads of Pumpkins at Papa’s

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will be open Sunday, Oct. 15 from 12-7 pm. This morning, we unloaded what may be the final trailers of medium and large pumpkins for the season. (With the frost this past week, we aren’t sure we will be able to harvest any more pumpkins from the field.) Our last day is…

A Great Day to “Pumpkin”

It’s Sunday morning, Sept. 17, and it’s a great day to be at a pumpkin patch. The air is crisp, the sun is bright, and the fall produce is glistening with early dew. Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will be open today from 12-7 pm and we look forward to welcoming you!

Memories Bring Joy on a Dreary Day

It’s been pretty dry in our area, so Papa is as happy as the next farmer about the on-again, off-again rain we’re having today. Still, he’s missing the summer sunshine and decided to go looking through his media files from Papa’s Pumpkin Patch — a sure day brightener. On one of the most beautiful evenings…

Thanks Weather Channel for the Shout Out!

Okay. It’s True. Papa feels a bit of pride when his pumpkin patch is held up by others as THE place to go in the fall. So the fact that the Weather Channel notes Papa’s Pumpkin Patch as the THE place to celebrate the season brings a smile to Papa’s face, no question about it!…