You Know It’s Almost August When…

pumpkins are turning - 1There’s lots of ways to know it’s August in North Dakota, and there are some sure-fire ways to recognize the month at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. Top on the list is that the pumpkins are turning orange!

Most of the flowers that will be pollinated and turn into fruit on the vine are now set. That means the fields are filled with all sizes of pumpkins, including the early birds who are now starting to turn that amazing color we all love to see in the fall.

You can notice it’s August in other ways, too. The broom corn, known for it’s decorative and colorful tassels, is starting to head out. By late August and early September, we’ll begin to see the heads turn all sorts of brilliant fall colors and create almost a fan-like shape at the end of the stalks. broom grass heading out - 1

In August, Papa and the family also begin to finalize the location for all of our pumpkin patch activities, and we begin the “sprucing up” of the farm: wagon repairs, paint touch ups and two or three dozen other things.

One thing’s for sure — we want to be ready for all of our guests when we open the pumpkin season on Sunday, Sept. 13 at noon!

Take good care and we hope to see you this fall,


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