So Much Fun!!!

Papa is REALLY excited about a new addition to the pumpkin patch this fall. In fact, he’s so excited he’s jumping up and down…literally…on his new ginormous jumping pad!

IMG_0389Think Olympic-sized swimming pool with room for you and all of your friends, young and old, to play at the same time. Papa started researching his idea for a massive jumping structure last winter and found a company that had one the size he wanted — REALLY REALLY BIG!

It weights well over 1,000 pounds. Papa was glad he’s got the equipment for moving bales to build his giant bale castles; it worked perfectly to get his newest play place off of the delivery truck and into position to roll out and blow up.

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch will open for the 2015 season on Sunday, Sept. 13 and be open daily from 12-7 pm through Saturday, Oct. 24, weather permitting. We hope you will plan to join us this fall and if you do, be sure you bring lots of extra energy for jumping on Papa’s brand new jumping pad!

See you soon!


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