Papa’s Got a Christmas Idea for You!

single family passChristmas is less than two weeks away, and if you need a unique gift idea, why not consider a 2015 Family Pass to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch?

That’s right. If you know a family or have friends who like to visit Papa’s as often as they can during the fall, then a Family Pass could make a perfect gift. You can get Papa’s Family Pass for up to 10 people in the family. The cost for a Family Pass at Papa’s is $10 per person. Currently, a single admission to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is $4/person so if you visit Papa’s more than twice in one season, you are saving money with a Family Pass.

If you’d like a Papa’s Family Pass for your Christmas gift, simply send Papa an email at or call him at 701-222-1521.

Take good care,


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