Planning to Play at Papa’s? Schedule Now and Save $$$!

fireplacePapa plans to open his Polar Patch in just over two weeks! From Friday, Dec. 26 through Sunday, Jan. 4, Papa and the family hope you’ll plan a visit between 12 and 5 pm daily for some great outdoor play. The big red barn becomes a warming house, and outside you’ll find horse-drawn sleigh rides, old-fashioned sled rides, zip lines and more!

Papa loves to have visitors, and sometimes guests want to visit in groups. Here’s a cool deal: if you round up nine of your friends and family (so a total of 10 or more people in your group), contact Papa’s ahead of time and book your group visit. Then you will receive three tickets with each admission of $5/person! (Admission for Papa’s Polar Patch is regularly $5/person and each admission receives two tickets to use while at Papa’s.)

Think about it: if you are the “Johnson” group and you book your visit in advance, then when you and the rest of your Johnson group arrives at Papa’s Polar Patch, you will pay $50 for the entire group ($5/person) and get 30 tickets to use for sled rides, sleigh rides or concessions! That’s a $30 value!!

If you want to book a group visit to Papa’s Polar Patch and get extra tickets as a bonus, contact Tracy at

We hope to see you soon!


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