Two Things to Bring to Papa’s: Sunscreen and Bug Spray

jus zippin along loThe sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it’s a great day to be outside. If you plan to visit us at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, we are open Saturday, Sept. 27 from 12-7 pm, and there’s two things you should be sure to pack: sunscreen and bug spray.

Even though it’s late September there’s still lots of sunshine, and kids (of all ages) play hard when they come to Papa’s. The forecast says mid 80s today, so you know it’s tempting to head straight for the bale castles or corn maze without sunscreen.

And the mosquitoes. They are another story. Papa thinks the mosquitoes are better to have around than the wasps, by a little. They haven’t been so bad during the day, but it’s smart to bring bug spray just in case you are one of the folks bugs love no matter what! By late afternoon and early evening, the mosquitoes are everywhere and they are hungry.

Papa is excited to see you this weekend. He’ll have on his sunscreen and be ready with bug spray. You should too!

Take good care,


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