Just One Final Mowing and Papa’s Is Open!

mrs. p mowing 0612There’s lots of ways to measure important dates. For example, there are only 13 days left until Papa’s Pumpkin Patch opens on Sunday, Sept 14 at noon. That’s a good one. And there are literally hundreds of bales that need to be placed into fun, exciting structures for young and old alike to run and jump and hide. Then there’s thousands, yes thousands, of pumpkins that need to grace the yards so we can officially call ourselves a pumpkin patch. OK. That’s a pretty important number.

how tall this fallAnd there is one final round of mowing on Mrs. P’s list before she’ll let those pumpkins in her yards!!! With all of the rain we’ve had in August, Mrs. P has called in for back-up assistance to stay ahead of all the mowing. She’s doing the last pass of the season before we move in with all of the big decorations like How Tall This Fall and the Pumpkin House, plus the many photo pops scattered about.

Papa likes all of the countdown numbers associated with opening day, but today his favorite is ONE. One final mowing of the lawns and then we are ready…for you!

See you soon,


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