It Has to Be Spring!

We’ve been waiting, maybe not so patiently, and this weekend it feels and looks like spring. Papa had to stop and notice there is more than a hint of green in the lawns at the pumpkin patch.

green is peaking throughNow is the time of year when we have serious conversations about what varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds we will plant; where we should locate the corn maze; and we’ve even been talking about offering additional late-season vegetables for 2014.

A great deal depends on our growing season and whether spring is really here to stay. After all, it IS North Dakota and we’ve been known to have early springs and late blizzards! Papa is hopeful he can pull out the tractors and begin to work the fields in the next few weeks.

We’ve been holding monthly “dream sessions” throughout the winter, and the list of ideas for new activities, expanded services and a couple of really out-there possibilities make the whole family anxious to see what comes together.

Papa will be posting more often as he gets back outdoors. Just like you, the longer days and warmer temps are calling!

Take good care and enjoy Easter,


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