Have you got a set of jenga blocks?

jenga blocksFebruary certainly isn’t pumpkin season but that doesn’t stop Papa from planning for 2014. Recently he started visiting elementary classes to learn from the students and share some interesting ideas about Papa’s Pumpkin Patch.

What he could really use is about another 500 jenga blocks for his classroom visits. If you happen to have a set of jenga blocks (even if it’s incomplete), Papa would love to hear from you because what he’s looking for is mass quantities of building blocks. You see, jenga blocks are the same proportions as the large straw bales he uses to build bale structures for play at Papa’s.

This winter, Papa is visiting classrooms armed with jenga blocks and other unique ideas to inspire students to use their math, science and creative skills as they think about how they would like activities at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch to be structured.

“During one visit we had students building skyscraper bale towers,” Papa said. “They wanted to be able to see all around the pumpkin patch. That was a great idea they modified once they understood we can only have a two-bale high jump in any given structure so it is safe for everyone to enjoy.

“Their ideas also teach me about their values when they visit Papa’s. They want to be able to see; they want to be able to play in ways adults don’t think about because we don’t play nearly enough. Our children are great teachers.”

Papa will visit several classes this spring and incorporate interesting, real-life learning opportunities for the students, while he also gains a greater understanding of what’s important for outdoor play to be fun…through the eyes of children.

If you have jenga blocks you’d be willing to donate or sell to Papa, please contact him at papaspumpkins@aol.com .

Take good care,


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