I Lost My Wedding Ring at Your Pumpkin Patch

sunglasses and pumpkinsWe collect a variety of items in our Lost and Found each year at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. High on the list are sunglasses, sippy cups, toddler socks and pacifiers. There’s also the list of things guests lost and have yet to be found.

Early this season, we got a distressed call from a guest who was missing a wedding ring. “I think I lost my wedding ring at your pumpkin patch,” the voice said. “Have you had a wedding ring turned in?”

The answer was ‘no’ followed by a promise we would keep the phone number and information about the ring in case someone turned the ring into Lost and Found.

The week after Papa’s Pumpkin Patch closed for the season (this also means after 8″ of rain, hundreds of vehicles and thousands of guests) the same guest called to see if we’d seen the wedding ring. Still the answer was ‘no.’

dirty wedding ringOur guest thought perhaps the ring was dropped outside their vehicle when they were in the parking lot at Papa’s. Would we mind if they came out to look around?

Later that day, the guest showed up and Papa went to the parking lot with them where they remembered they had parked their car. They looked and they walked; they went back and forth; and there in the dirt and mud…they found the wedding ring!

It wasn’t pretty but it was there, and our guest couldn’t be happier. Neither could we. Time and again we’ve found that just when we believe there’s no possible way someone’s lost item will show up, it does. Just like the lost wedding ring in the parking lot!

Enjoy your day,


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  1. Amy says:

    What an awesome blessing to that couple. He uses your place to bless people with such wonderful family time in natures beautiful setting. What a special place full of blessings!

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