And There Were 19 Left…

19 fellas remainPapa’s Pumpkin Patch is officially closed for the 2013 season. We hauled in well over 300,000 pounds of pumpkins, and these 19 big boys are what remain from the main pumpkin yard.

We also have some gourds, squash and smaller pumpkins that will go to a variety of organizations or events. For example, you’ll find our extra corn stalks on display at the Horror On Harmon halloween event for the Girl Scouts, and several pumpkins went to the Bismarck Aquatic Center for their Dive-In movie event (yep, pumpkins float!). We also plan to offer squash for guests of the Trinity Banquet.

What remains will be much appreciated by area wildlife once winter sets in.

Enjoy your week! As much as we celebrate fall with our thousands of guests during the pumpkin season, we also love the return of peace and quiet. We’ll enjoy the week off, too.

Take good care,


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