Papa’s Is Closed Saturday, Oct. 5

pumpkins and snow in back yardSome things don’t mix well. Oil and water. Ice cream and garlic. Pumpkins and snow! Because of this, Papa’s is closed Saturday, Oct. 5.

The winter reminder we’ve had in the past 24 hours isn’t so bad for pumpkins; it’s the moisture that came with it. The ground is saturated from above-normal precip and there’s no place for it to go. If you look closely in the picture you can see the closest pumpkins are partially covered in snow AND sitting in water.

Our hope is that the snow/rain will stop this morning and the winds will keep up. The wind will help to dry things out. Lots of folks are concerned about the pumpkins and whether or not they survive the snow. The answer is yes…for most varieties. Their skin is thick enough to handle snow and since our temps haven’t gone below freezing (yet) they should be fine.

We will watch the forecast this evening closely. Right now it sounds like the sky will clear and the temperature might dip to 27. Below freezing, we cover the squash, gourds and some varieties of pumpkins.

Keep an eye on the website and Papa’s Facebook page for updates and our plans for tomorrow (Sunday). We will post our intentions as early as possible, and no later than 11 am.

In the meantime, enjoy the change in seasons. It’s North Dakota!


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