BOOM! The First 20,000 Pounds of Pumpkins Are in the Yard

first 20,000 poundsPapa’s Pumpkin Patch opens Sept. 9, and we started hauling the pumpkins in from the fields last night! There are lots of highlights in owning a pumpkin patch and welcoming guests for the annual visit; none of them tops bringing the first pumpkins in the yard and setting them, stem up, against the lush green lawns and in the backdrop of the Missouri River cottonwoods.

Make no mistake. Moving 20,000 pounds of pumpkins (the poundage in two trailer loads tonight) is good old-fashioned work. It’s the kind of work you do with a group of family and friends who love the outdoors and love spending time together. This is when life is good.

Truth be told, a love for raw nature and time with family are the driving force behind Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. This year, we extended that family about one-half mile south to include a recently retired friend who wanted to try his hand at farming. Roger and his speckled swansRoger raised two varieties of pumpkins, speckled swans and broom corn for us this year. Today, he harvested his first pumpkins. He brought them, along with a bin of speckled swans on the front of his tractor and drove the half mile to deliver them to our yards.

Papa and Mrs. P were amazed at how huge and beautiful the speckled swans are — Roger clearly has a green thumb for pumpkin patch produce!

We’ll continue to move pumpkins, squash, corn, bales, gourds and more into the yards over the next few weeks. We want to have a fresh supply ready for your visit!

Take good care,


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