It’s Time to Pick Those Pumpkins!

orange mon by logYour pumpkins may look differently however Papa’s smaller varieties are ready for some pickin’! This palm-sized Orange Mon is standing tall after being picked early this morning. We’ve got three varieties of small pumpkins growing next to the corn maze, and each field is ready to pick…as soon as things dry up from our recent rains.

There are Baby Bears, Oz and the Orange Mons. Tonight, we picked three “volunteer” Oz pumpkins that were growing at the end of the corn field. They weren’t anywhere near a pumpkin field from last year, but they were located in the prime target area for the Special O Trebuchet. One of the great splatters from last fall must have spread some pumpkin seeds just right for them to be turned under this spring when Papa planted the corn.

fresh paint on trebuchetSpeaking of the trebuchet, check out the new paint job on the Special O Trebuchet. The counter weight will have some extra color each time it drops and slings pumpkins across the field this fall. If you like pumpkin-throwing machines, you’ll love Papa’s trebuchet and air cannon. Both are in action on Thursdays from 5-7 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5 pm.

We’re in the final days before our opening on Monday, Sept. 9, and we’re getting excited to see you at Papa’s!

Take good care,


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