Five Days Left and Papa Has Pumpkins

There are only five days left in the 2012 season for Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, and Papa brought his final load of pumpkins big and small into the yards on Monday. According to the weather reports, high winds and cooler temperatures are expected by mid-afternoon Wednesday.

If you’d like Papa’s opinion, you might want to plan your visit (or your final visit) to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch in the next day or so. It doesn’t sound like the rest of the week is going to be very nice. Now, we’re not complaining. This has been a wonderful season and we’ve had some of the most beautiful weather to be outside to enjoy it.

Papa’s last day for 2012 is Saturday, Oct. 20. Remember: Saturday is Papa’s Costume Parade! Wear your Halloween costume and you get a free pumpkin cookie!

It’s always a good idea to check the website or Facebook fan page before you plan your visit this week to be sure we are open (in case of bad weather).

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