In Honor of Two Great Friends

On Friday, Oct. 12, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch provided 200 Wee Bee Little pumpkins and two Porcelain Dolls (pink pumpkins) for the Women’s Health Center Breast Cancer Run/Walk in Bismarck, ND.

The Wee Bee Littles were for the first 200 participants, and the two pink pumpkins were in honor of two very special people. You see, two of our “star” volunteers at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch are also breast cancer survivors. We are very proud of them and a local artist painted a scene of each of the Porcelain Dolls in their honor.

One of the pumpkins has an African Grey Parrot on it — complete with grey feathers — to recognize Jane Greer. Jane has helped us at Papa’s for years, and you know her best as the voice of all activities on the weekends. Jane and her husband, Jim, work to support Special Olympics.


Another one of our stars is Pat Saltsman. She is an avid bicyclist and so the other pink pumpkin has a woman with her bike — complete with gravel — to recognize Pat. Pat gives of her time to support the annual Great American Bike Race.

Papa’s is pleased to support the breast cancer run/walk, and we are especially proud of these two women!

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