Papa’s Been Busy This Week…

Papa’s been busy this week getting ready for opening day on Monday, Sept. 10. One of the things he completed was Slide Mountain. Can you see the five different slides that cover this tower of bales?

Papa’s also got a great start on the bale maze tunnels. Even Papa’s puppies love to run through the tunnels, and the “ant hill” as Papa calls it, will be even better in a day or two.

Check this one out. Do you think you’ll be able to slither and scoot and step through all of the bale twine without ringing any of the bells? That’s the test!

Footprints! That’s what you’ll find all over the Log Jam at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. There are duck prints, hand prints, frog prints and turkey tracks that go over and around and under all kinds of old cottonwoods that make up the log jam.

Mark your calendars! Each of these activities is available every day at Papa’s from 12-7 pm, and all of these are free for the fun-making!

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