Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Opens 1 Week from Today!

WOOT! WOOT! Papa’s Pumpkin Patch opens 1 week from today! That’s right. Monday, Sept. 10 at noon, Papa’s will be open for the season. This weekend, here’s a bit of what we’ve been doing to get ready: putting up flags and banners; getting Papa’sville in place; working on the corn maze (yes, Papa has a…

What a difference 1 week and 2″ of rain makes

Look at these beautiful speckled swan gourds! They were barely the size of an 8 oz. water glass a little over a week ago. Two inches of rain and a week of 80-degree temps, and these babies are gorgeous. They’re easily the size of adult feet and they’ve got LOTS of cousins in Papa’s Pumpkin Patch….

The Sandy River Drive Cottonwoods Are Alive!

We were worried the big ‘ole cottonwoods along Sandy River Drive wouldn’t survive last year’s flood, providing the breath-taking canopy that makes the road so memorable on the way to Papa’s. It’s mid-May and most of them are bursting with leaves. YEAH!