Down to the Final Load of Pumpkins

It’s hard to believe the last load of pumpkins arrived Saturday evening. We’ve hauled in nearly 400,000 pounds (!) of fall produce this season, and the final 16 bins of large orange Howden pumpkins will be placed in the yards today. Papa’s Pumpkin Patch plans to be open through Saturday, Oct. 24 from 12-7 pm daily….

It Started with Five $1 Bills

It started with five $1 bills. A young mother paid for her pumpkins and then asked for three of Papa’s famous pumpkin cookies for her three daughters — all grade school age. She handed over five $1 bills, far too much for $.75 worth of cookies. The mom explained, “Getting pumpkin cookies at Papa’s is…

Sunday, Oct. 11: Papa’s Is Closing at 5 pm!

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is closing at 5 pm today, Sunday, Oct. 11, due to strong winds and the high wind warnings issued for western North Dakota. It’s a dusty, blustery afternoon, and it’s not much fun to play at Papa’s. Please come and see us on a another day! Stay safe, Papa  

Saturday, Oct. 3: Papa’s Is Closed

The rain has started coming down and according to weather radar, it will continue throughout the day. Papa is closing his pumpkin patch for Saturday, Oct. 3. When it’s wet like this, the parking lot becomes a muddy mess, and we aren’t able to open all of our extra activities due to safety issues. We welcome the…

Papa Is Ready for the Weekend!

It’s the start of a beautiful day at Papa’s! The forecast says mid ’80s (temperature), sunny and breezy for Saturday. Papa’s is open 12-7 pm daily and since it’s the weekend, we offer several extra activities besides searching for the perfect pumpkin to take home. On Saturdays and Sundays, as well as Thursday evenings from…