It’s Starting To Feel Like Christmas in September!

bale buddiesThe checklists are long and the excitement is building at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. There’s no other way to compare it than to say the family is almost as excited as if Christmas was just 10 days away!

Opening day is Sunday, Sept. 13 at noon, and we can hardly wait. Each day, more of the puzzle pieces are in place, and that means the pumpkins will start to arrive soon! The amazing bale mazes are almost completely built; the zip line towers are under construction. Papa’sville is in place and so is Papa’s brand new Pumpkin Popper! The train routes are being planned, and JoJo’s Gift Store looks terrific!

Admission remains $4/person and toddlers two years and under are still free. Our pumpkins will be priced from $.50 to $20 each (perhaps a little more for some of the Atlantic Giants we expect to harvest). We could keep going but you get the idea.

We are anxious to welcome you to Papa’s and share our love of the outdoors and the fall season with you!

See you soon,


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