Can a Pumpkin FLY?

Have you ever seen a pumpkin FLY? The pumpkin trebuchet and air cannon are back, with launches every half hour on Thursdays 5-7 pm and weekends 12-6. A big Papa’s thank you to the ND Society of Professional Engineers for making these launches happen. See you soon, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch opens September 12!

Opening Day: Sunday, Sept 12, 2021

Have you met Cash and King? They are beautiful Belgian draft horses and they’ll be returning to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch for horse-drawn hayrides this fall – and did Papa say maybe one or two new ponies too?? We can’t wait to welcome you, opening day is Sunday, September 12 at noon!

Getting Ready!

Big zipline set-up in progress! Papa and his crew are getting ready to welcome you back to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch starting September 12th. Will you be coming this year? We sure hope to see you. Tell us what you are looking forward to!

2021: Papa’s Will Be Open This Fall!

Good news: Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is getting ready to reopen in 2021! Mark your calendar for Sunday, September 12 – Saturday, October 23, 2021, we look forward to welcoming you back.  More details to come, thank you for all your support. Papa

How Tall This Fall?

Set-up for 2020 has begun! How Tall this Fall? (Many asked about+the BIG Chair…) will be on location at Rising Star Ranch and Grandpa Al’s Hayrides. Opening Weekend is Saturday September 19th NOON!