Papa’s Is Family Friendly and Affordable

Since we began in 1983, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch has maintained a focus on families, education and fun. We are one of the most affordable attractions in the area with $6/person admission, and toddlers ages two or younger visit Papa’s for free.

Working on a budget? Consider visiting Papa’s Pumpkin Patch on Thursday, with $3 admission and all of our extra activities open for your enjoyment from 5-7 pm.

Here’s another way you can get a free admission to Papa’s: BYOW. That stands for Bring Your Own Wagon. If you bring your own wagon (not a stroller) with you to Papa’s admissions area, we will welcome you or one of your family members for free. Papa has a fleet of wagons that are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and it never seems there are enough. So, Bring Your Own Wagon and you get a free admission PLUS you’ve got a wagon for carrying little ones or your favorite produce!