Mothers’ Day = Pumpkin Planting

Greetings from the fields and from Papas Pumpkin Patch. COVID-19 hasn’t brought EVERYTHING to a halt– just caused planning to become much more day-by-day. We’re planting, and planning, and wondering…..

Knowing all that we all know and DON’T KNOW about his virus and it’s impact…thinking HEALTHY and SAFETY for the hundred’s of GUESTS and VOLUNTEERS who come to Papa’s in the Fall– WHAT MEASURES AND FEATURES NEED TO BE IN PLACE FOR YOU TO FEEL SAFE AT PAPA’s?

Knowing how “touchy feely” so much of the Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is…and believing it impossible to practice “social distancing” with “little energizer bunnies” running and exploring…

CAN WE OPEN THE GATES? WHAT MUST WE DO TO BE SAFE? …after PUMPKINS– what’s most important?