– CLOSING at 3 – We’ve Picked Up & Packed Up

FIRST THINGS FIRST – We are NOT closing for the season! When life gives you pumpkins, make pumpkin pie! Good one right? 🙂 With that said, we are going to close the gate today at 3pm after our school groups have left. It’s just starting to get cold and icky out here.

Remember that big tent that we have been using for a party space this season? Well these day’s it has a whole new party going on under it! We worked hard to unload everything for our guests yesterday, and today we worked even harder to pack it all up and load it into the tent. There are at least 18 pallets, tons of Indian corn, Papa’s Magic School Bus and so much more in there!

We have had quite a few suggestions about staying open later this season. Well you’ve asked and we’ve brainstormed! Stay tuned over the next 3 days because open or closed we have some BIG surprises for you!