OPEN: Papa’s Is Open Saturday, Oct. 6!

pumpkins and snowGet out your winter gear, and get ready to get messy. Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is OPEN Saturday, Oct. 6! We can hardly believe the snow and rain we’ve had this past week. Still, today’s forecast says calm and near 40.

Our season is winding down, and there are only 14 days left — our last day is Saturday, Oct. 20. So Papa and the family are doing what North Dakotans do: we’re making the best of it! We’ve got our mud boots on, and you should do the same.

Everything is wet and sloppy. We will have our extra activities open as we are able. Safety for our volunteers, guests and animals will take the highest priority. YES! We will have plenty of hot chocolate, hot cider and coffee. You’ll also find yummy soup, grilled brats and burgers, pumpkin pie and our famous pumpkin cookies.

And yes! We still have pumpkins and lots of squash and gourds. Everything that needed to be covered up and protected has been. We will pull out pallets of the different varieties as things get above freezing. In fact, we are getting a delivery this morning of the New Moons (big white pumpkins), Snowballs (small white pumpkins) and Warty Goblins (so-ugly-they’re cute warty pumpkins).

We look forward to seeing you!