The Good and Not-So-Good News

Papa’s pumpkin season is winding down, and that means we have good and not-so-good news. First the good news, and it’s pretty darn good:

  1. Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is open Sunday, Oct. 16 from 12-7 pm and we’re excited to see you.
  2. All of our extra activities will be open, and we’ll have 100+ volunteers ready to show you some fun.
  3. We have 20 bins of some of the most gorgeous, large pumpkins we’ve seen all season that will be in the yards and mostly unloaded when we open today.

Now the not-so-good news. The pumpkins we unload today are the last of the season. We are sold out of all of our white pumpkins, the small, baby pumpkins (wee bee littles), and we only have a few of the jack-b-littles left. We are also sold out of spaghetti squash.

Once again, it’s been an amazing season and your patronage overwhelms us! Thank you. We plan to be open through Saturday, Oct. 22 from 12-7 pm daily.

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