Pets at Papa’s: October 20, 5-7 pm

Papa and Central Dakota Humane Society welcome pet owners to bring their furry friends to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 5-7 pm. In fact, you’ll get one dollar off of one admission for your family when you bring your pet to Papa’s on the 20th! (Regularly, we ask $4/person admission; with your pet, your admission will be $3/person.)

Most folks know Papa’s is pet friendly, and on Thursday, Oct. 20, we join with Central Dakota Humane Society (CDHS) to encourage guests with pets to bring them to Papa’s for the evening. CDHS staff and volunteers will be available to answer questions and meet your furry family members.

Two of the three dogs who live at Papa’s are rescues, and we welcome pets to enjoy the pumpkin patch, too. Please keep three things in mind:

  1. All pets need to be on a leash.
  2. We ask all pet owners to have a plastic bag handy in case of any “deposits” that might be made.
  3. Pet costumes at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch are encouraged!

Papa hopes you’ll join us for Pets at Papa’s on Thursday, Oct. 20 from 5-7 pm.