Lessons from Sandy

sandyYou’ve probably noticed when you visit Papa’s that we love animals and welcome our friends and guests to bring their pets with them. Many of our guests are familiar with Sandy — the big shepherd/dane mix who most children meet when they visit Papa for a fall field trip. Sandy loves to board the school buses and personally welcome each of the children if she’s allowed to do so. She also loves to run and jump on the bales with children, and she often follows the train as it makes its way around Papa’s Pumpkin Patch with a load of excited boys and girls.

There’s a lot to learn from Sandy. Lesson #1 is to be sure people know when you’re excited to see them. Sandy is a big dog, and when she’s pleased to see you, her whole self gets involved. If she catches you with her wildly wagging tail, it about knocks you over. She spans over 7′ from nose to tail tip, and when she wraps around you and gives you a hug, your only option is to return the favor with a big scratch to her back. Besides, she knows you wanted to love her up just a bit anyway; she’s just making it easier.

This time of year, Sandy loves to go outside with Papa and help prepare the fields for planting. (In truth, she doesn’t help much with the planting, but she does keep all birds and squirrels out of Papa’s way!) sandy enjoying lifeNaturally, all of that activity tires her out, and that’s when Sandy does what dogs do best: she lays down, rolls over on her back and kicks and squirms as only a dog who fully celebrates life can do. Then, she just lays there for a bit. Lesson #2 from Sandy: It’s good to relax where you are as long as it takes to begin again.

The chances are good when you visit Papa’s Pumpkin Patch the next time that Papa will do a far better job of making sure you know he’s excited to see you (Lesson #1) than he will to relax like Sandy and lie there until it’s time to begin again (Lesson #2). Some lessons are easier than others to put into practice.

Hoping one of Sandy’s lessons suits you,




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